Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coming soon ...

Ah the theming has begun. No I don't speak with a Lisp but I have programmed in it (that there was a geek-joke for all you straight-laced folks out there). :)

Ok, so I don't keep up with my good friend Jenn on blogging ( must refrain from taking puppy pictures ... resisting urge ... ) ah crud, I'll be posting puppy pictures soon too ;)

Additionally, in the coming soon column, as I mentioned in my opening confusing sentence, I'll be theming this site soon. In poking around and looking at several hobbit-type thems for a certain friend of mine who keeps me busy ... ahem ... I began to wonder what type of theme best fits me. Well hobbits was already taken ... lol ... but like a good hobbit I appreciate the simple things in life.

And a simple hobby in my life is woodworking. There are few things as satisfying in this life for me as sitting in the shop, surrounded by the makings of a good project, while reflecting in the quiet. Usually the person for which I'm creating something is on my mind; them and the fact that the work I do will be good enough that they'll keep and enjoy it and it will last them long enough to pass on to someone they care about.

So in that vein, and with this blog (like my shop) being a place of quiet reflection, it's creations usually coming to life at odd times when the house is mainly sedated, I think I will theme this blog like a dream workshop. I have a picture in my mind of what I want ... something warm and inviting, a place to relax, and a theme that speaks of craftsmanship with time well-taken to think and create.

So I'm sure it'll take me awhile to create something that I like. But good things come from two main ingredients; a good idea and a good amount of time.

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Jennifer said...

How did I miss this post? Oh yeah, I was puking me socks off!

You know, when I was younger my dad was always in the garage woodworking. I can't smell that wood smell without thinking of him, and its in the wierdest places. I betcha your son will have that same memory