Friday, December 26, 2008

Alton Brown ... concerning eating my words

Some of you have probably been hopeful for a post like this :) So here it is, read on and enjoy ...

Today I watched Alton Brown's show Good Eats, for the first time and gave it an honest chance. It was an older show, concerning making Christmas cookies and he was in the kitchen, in his pajamas with Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. The show was .... great :) I had a LOT of fun with it, learned some things and Alton Brown really kept the whole showing moving along instead of just standing there "cooking" and droning on and on like your typical cooking show can get at times. I was suprised; and pleasantly so.

I especially liked the uses of technology in the show, particularly when they display information on the screen in the form of helpful tips, oven temps, etc. It didn't distract from enjoying the show and really helped you learn what they were trying to convey. Hey I'm a geek and I notice these things alright :)

So why am I writing this post anyway?

See the first few times I caught snippets of Alton Brown on TV, I guess I'd just caught it on the wrong day or something. But sometimes, like grandma said, if you try something and don't like it, wait a little while and try again .. maybe your "taster" will change. Grandma was full of good advice like that. And so because of thoughts like that which rattle around in my head and the fact that I have some very good friends that recommend the show, I gave it another shot. See awhile back I was talking with friends of mine who watch this show and I wasn't very nice about Alton Brown although, I honestly meant it all as just teasing at the time. But I think they questioned perhaps as to whether all my cogs were properly in alignment.

So after having watched Alton Brown's show, I gathered my ingredients for this blog post, which consisted of a pinch of "I was wrong", followed by 2 heaping cups of "you guys were right". Those are the two main ingredients in Humble Stew. :) Over the years I've learned to keep them on hand since I eat this dish often it seems.

So there we have it I think. A postive review of a show I was wrong about mixed in with an "I'm sorry I didn't listen and get into this geeky show sooner". ;)

P.S.- I mave have to moderate the comments that I know are coming ... sheesh ... ah well, the feedback flak is the garnish for Humble Stew after all :)

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Jennifer said...

Gah, SEEEEE???! Okay end of rant...

I just knew you would love him, hes Geektacular!