Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the move again ... well someday

Well here lately I've been feeling the urge to move again.

Primarily this is not out of a desire to "have a new house". Its so not about that. What I would like is a much cheaper house and perhaps less property to maintain. And property that is more "usable". Addtionally, I'd like to be closer to "some stuff to do". Here where I live in Missouri there isn't a lot going on and to find someplace where there is something "happening", you have to travel for some time to find it. Our new "baby" enters into that equation then.

About a year ago we were blessed with a darling baby girl. Of course she has 4 legs, is covered head to toe in hair, smells like a dog and has fangs. No our baby isn't a werebaby, she's a German Shepherd. And well, dogs need attention; those are the proverbial brakes.

We love hanging out with our "puppy", um, who is 85lbs now. We also like to go other places besides our front yard to do things. So living where we do isn't very conducive to having a dog and being able to leave and go "do stuff" for hours at a time; especially when the dog can't go. And we have nobody in our lives we trust to check in our little angel. No really good friends live within 2 hours of us; and actually those that do, we hate to bother with stuff like this - tis just how we are. I know, just know, that somebody out there's solution would be to "get rid of the dog" .. my response to that is, you just don't understand dogs much.

What does all this doggie stuff have to do with the prospects of moving and/or doing fun things outside the home? Well in regards to moving, it means we have property needs that other folks might not. Our doggie needs room to run. Right now we have fenced about 1/4 acre of our front yard so our little darling can run/play. And it's been great. We are "play ball in the yard" kind of people. So we'd be looking for at least an acre of land.

So what are we looking for really? A minimum of a 1 acre yard although that might be negotiable as long as the girl can get her exercise, a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house, and me personally I'd like room to put my shop either in the garage or some other out-building. Our basic needs are small really, comparitively speaking. And we'd also like to shorten my commute to work. Even moving jobs isn't out of the question for me at this point.

And last thing, I've dreamed since I was a kid about leaving Missouri honestly. This move might be that time, then again maybe not. Not sure. And nothing is happening anytime soon regardless. Probably a year, maybe two before we could pull something off. There are things to be done here at the current homestead, many projects left to do.

So this blog becomes my mental dumping grounds for things that run through my mind like this so aren't you so glad you stopped by? :) I'm sure I'll write more on this as the plans develop. Haha, I told my wife yesterday if we had the money now, I'd already have scheduled our move (I'm not one to plan for a long time if I'm unhindered by things such as money).

And yes, I've already begun to dream shop for homes. Sigh, it's a sickness.

So the pendulum has begun to move. This has happened twice before. So ask my lovely wife about what happens when I get the urge to change scenery. When I get like this, I'm very determined about it and both times I've started thinking this way, we've moved. I guess I'm still looking for ground to comfortably plant my roots in.

I think it's a good thing though.


Jennifer said...

I hear Texas is lovely... hint, hint, .... and that we have the cheapest cost of living for any major city.

Rob said...

Don't think we aren't looking at TX :)