Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rare spawn Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!

Ah Valentine's Day ... remember when as a kid you basically brought a little Valentine to pretty much every kid in class? It felt so odd going around the room, to each desk where, each of my classmates had put a little personally designed container on their desk to hold Valentines they might receive.

Some of them just had little cans decorated for the day, some had crafted small paper pouches affixing them to the sides of their desks with yards of scotch tape, in order to catch what hearts they may. And for the valentine-givers, some even hand-crafted their the valentimes themselves instead of buying the mass-produced little cards from the "dime store" in my home town. Yes Jenn, we had a dime store, not even a dollar store :)

And in giving the valentines, some of them you gave just to be nice. Some you gave cause you really liked the person and some you gave cause hubba hubba, you REALLY liked that person. Yeah I won't mention names but that girl who broke my arm in 3rd grade? I so totally should have asked her out in high school.


Valentine's day was in some ways more fun when I was a kid. However, in many MORE ways, now that I'm married, its FAR more fun than I could have ever imagined as a child, haha!

But I remember giving out those valentines to my friends back then. It was fun, innocent and in no way "romantic". Well most times there was no romance (there were those 5 girls I asked out on the same day in kindergarten, but I digress) . Back then some things seemed far more innocent than they do in our world today. It was good times. And yeah we had Good Eats too :)

Speaking of good eats; that comes in handy cause it was exactly the next thing I wanted to talk about ...

Saturday morning is my morning that I've claimed for cooking breakfast. This morning I decided to put a Valentine's Day spin on the eggs I made for everyone. Nothing fancy really. Just silly I guess but everybody seemed to like em. I wasn't truly talented enough to make omelets in a heart-shape but my creativity didn't let me down :) Here are some pics of the finished product (complete with little smokies as a "garnish", hahah)


Heather said...

Yes, I too, enjoy Valentine's Day MUCH more now than I did as a kid. My hubby is so special and takes such good care of me, including fixing me breakfast and letting me sleep in on Saturday mornings - (and yes the breakfasts are SOOO good). He is a VERY special find that God blessed me with. Thank you, Rob, for being my forever Valentine.

Jennifer said...

OKAY that is too adorable!