Friday, March 6, 2009

Treats Unleashed ... Pet wiped out

What is it about long car rides that zonks out the kiddos and the puppies I wonder?

We made our trip to Treats Unleashed today. This is a very cool store where nearly all the treats are hand-made by higher mammals (Phil, I should wash your hands out with soap!).

Additionally all the hand-made treats are human-grade food. Storm and I browsed for a bit, talked with the owner, who lavished attention, treats and praise on our doggie.

What I like about this place is that its very much dog friendly. Most things that would be interesting to a dog are at "dog height" so they can "shop". Always makes me smile. This is one of my favorite stores now.

It's also right next door to a Barnes and Noble. So if Treats Unleashed ever offers to do dog watching, I may spend a lot of time there. Dear lord what a good idea; a combination dog watching/grooming service and bookstore. Owners could browse books or sit, eat and read while their dogs are pampered! But I digress.

We enjoyed our trip a lot. After we were done shopping, Storm lead me with unerrring accuracy I might add, directly back to the van. It was impressive. She wove in and out through cars as if she remembered the exact route we'd taken when we went in, and perhaps she did.

We loaded ourselves and our newly acquired treasures into the van. Storm looked thirsty so I took her to Jack in the Box for a small water whilst I got a small soda and chicken sandwich. Briefly we discussed driving on down I-70 and over to Six Flags to spend the rest of the day but then that whole dog-descrimination thing reared its ugly head and we decided it was better to go home and nap.

But it was a fun trip :) Even the lady at JITB said Storm was pretty and oddly enough, well shockingly enough actually, suddenly produced a dog treat from behind the drive through window counter. Weird huh? Good trip though.

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Heather said...

Poor sleepy baby! - lol
Looks like you guys had fun!
Love you!