Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wistful Wednesdays: Project prattles

I've not kept up with the blogging of late. Not that I haven't had anything to write about but rather that I just haven't been "feeling it" you know? But I'm gonna hit the days that are most important to me. After all that is pretty much what this blogging action is about, writing what's important in my little life.

The big things going on with me right how are getting back to the shop, in order to make some gifts, doing some house chores, and also I'm helping out with a project for a friend of mine. I won't go into more detail than that since I'm not sure if the whole thing is public knowledge yet. But I will say I'm having an absolute blast! I have all these geeked-out ideas on how to help and I do fear at times that I'm gonna run my buddy off with my trying to help "too much". Sometimes I tend to go overboard when I'm excited and eager to assist with something. I just want to see this endeavor of theirs succeed so badly. Honestly I'm not entirely sure where all that all comes from really.

Sure I want to help my friend but when I was first asked to be a part of their project, I never imagined I'd find this whole deal so exciting and fascinating. That's how this feels to me. Its a huge honor to be included in what's going on and thats where my excitement comes from I suppose. Plus hey, this is my best bud .. what else am I gonna be but excited to help out, right?

Not only do I get to hang out with the coolest friend in the galaxy but I get to watch the creation of something very cool that they are doing, by someone who is really very talented. I couldn't be more proud of my buddy for the sheer work put in on this so far, and I know its been tons. But also I couldn't be more happy to be helping out and donating my geeky talents such as they are. Honestly I can't remember the last time I was this jazzed up about a project of any kind.

I'll never forget getting to be a part of it. It's very darn coolio!

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