Saturday, July 18, 2009

PSA: Great Movie Review site "Max On Movies"

I listen to Max Foizey *nearly* every Saturday whilst I mow the lawn. I say "nearly" cause hey sometimes life just gets in the way, preventing me from getting my movie review fix.

But listening to Max's show is a great way to make any mundane task, like lawn mowing, WAY more enjoyable! If you're not a local St. Louis listener and can't tune in to 97.1 FM talk, you can stream the show over the internet.

Max does a great job reviewing movies, interviewing folks from the industry, and puts on a very funny, family friendly show. His movie reviews are always spot-on, plus he's able to see both sides of a differing opinion on movie-talks. I think that last part is what keeps me listening to him. He's a movie critic for the regular folks.

Check it all out at:

Max On Movies

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