Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Drummer heart with geek talent

Tonight I was going through some old memories. I came across these items. This is my old stick bag and accessories from my days as a "drummer". Ok I wasn't very good. As the post title implies I've always been a geek. However it didn't keep me from trying this out for a couple of years. And I only played in church. Hmmm, can I even claim I was a drummer I wonder? Well darn it I had big dreams back then kids.

Every weekend, I'd take the stage with the other members of our little band. And to me, it felt like a concert each time. I loved every minute of it. But as I said I wasn't very good. And it's hard to "break out the rock" in the middle of church too. Mostly I felt outta place, lol

But these old friends here brought back so many memories. The baseball gloves I wore because hey, my favorite drummer of all time wore baseball gloves. I met him. He signed a pair of my drumsticks. I had to have gloves like him right? And these gloves were awesome. Everytime I put them on I felt a link to a larger world. A world of music that somehow made a tiny difference in someone's day. It gave me a sense of identity.

Wow, I even had a can of sticky stuff called "Gator Grip" (which you can still smell on these gloves) that made them adhere to the sticks so I wouldn't drop them easily. My favorite drummer played hard. I needed to be like him in that way too (though I never played that hard, lol).

Its just funny how much this brings back to me. And I thought that I'd quickly write it down. This is something I miss and though I may never be "great" at it, I think I'll pick it back up again. I mean heck, I still have the sticks. Now to see if they still make Gator Grip. Plus I can still do my dual stick spin.


Heather said...

Yes, you were and still are a drummer. I love hearing you play and still remember the first time I saw you sitting behind your set of drums, complete with Bugs Bunny decal. Hubba hubba ;) The drums were not the only things beating hard. I regret that you sold those and look forward to the day we have the room and $$ to replace them for you.

So please, pick em up again. I'd love to hear them again. I'm sure you're daughter will love the sounds and playing with you as much as your son has as well.

Shaddy said...

With Heather on your side, you'll be back drumming TO BEAT THE BAND before long!