Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Ok this post is perhaps just an excuse to make everyone look at my cool little header graphic I made, but at least I'm shallow enough to call attention to it right?  Er, right :)

I hope this upcoming Halloween finds you all happy, safe and enjoying the holiday that (for me) really kicks off the official holiday season.  Let the eats, treats and feasts begin! 

I was the only one who dressed up for Halloween at work today, I came as a scarecrow type guy.  Inspiration hit me yesterday in the form of Eric, one of my co-workers, who PROMISED me he would dress up today and then left me hanging high and dry.

I kid.  I knew he wasn't going to really dress up.  But I'm a sucker for this holiday and so I went home last night and made this mask/costume. 


It actually freaked out poor Fei here at work though I'm sure that may have something to do with the fact that I'm very sneaky and I surprised the poor woman when she wasn't looking. 

Good times!

P.S. - Thanks to Victoria for snapping this pic of me for the ol' blog!


Shaddy said...

Good for you! Why am I not at all surprised that you would just HAVE to get yourself into costume to celebrate Halloween?

I give you credit for letting the kid in you live it up. I suspect I, as Fei, would have been quite startled if you'd popped up behind me, even if you're not dressed as Dracula. With that thing on your head, you're definitely a far cry from the Rob whose face normally is smiling from your blog.

Be sure to take a big bag with you when you go trick-or-treating tomorrow evening.

Help yourself to the corn candy along the left edge of my blog. Take a few, not the whole jarful!!

And don't you be scaring little Bella, ya hear? I know, I know, it's hard to be good. Just remember you're a Daddy, at least, once in a while.

(You know I'm just messing with you. My heart tells me you're the best Daddy Bella will ever have!! I really mean that too).

Please say "Hi" for me to Heather, Baby Bella and Thing One.

Rob said...

Aw thanks Shaddy, glad you like the costume, my silliness and that you think I'm an ok dad. Boy do I ever have you snowed, sheesh! :P

I will say hi to the fam for ya for sure. Thanks for stopping by.

Heather said...

Cool header :) and yes, the costume was awesome! Shaddy is right - definitely the Best Daddy award goes to the man behind the scarecrow mask. Love ya and thanks for helping bring out the kid in us and makin it great for our 'little ones'. It was fun.