Monday, October 5, 2009

Lambing it up .. OR .. What a crock

This weekend I made another trip over to the nice lady's website at Year of Crockpotting to look for more yummy ways to fix lamb in the crockpot.

I will come clean and say here that when I look for crockpot recipes, they must meet one primary criteria.

My goal is always to have ZERO preparation other than dice things, unwrap things, etc, and then simply dump into the crockpot.

What I mean by zero prep is that I can't be all cookin stuff in a skillet or some other flippety-doo before I put things in the crock. Hey if I wanted to work, I wouldn't be using a crockpot right? I require it to be easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy or I might as well spend an hour in the kitchen cookin stuff all regular-like.

What can I say? I'm lazy. And a guy. Perhaps those things go hand in hand.

Shush you.

The veggies I used were just a bag-mixed frozen vegetables. Also I diced up some taters, chopped an onion, and diced some garlic cloves. My dry rub was salt, pepper and rosemary which I mixed up right alongside my other "prep" work.

I hear you whining already. "Well how much did you use of this?" "How did you do that?"

Snap to there Private! Guys don't cook like that. We cook to taste. You do same. Taste good when do that way. Now scratch yourself and read on.

After following my simple lead thus far, next you just throw all the ingredients in the crock and walk away. (Well don't forget to turn on the crock. Not everything magically happens like building a cradle).

So that's it. Done and done.

When you come back in 7 1/2 to 8 hours, you have yummy for the tummy lamby-whammy (should have used that for a post title) that is fall apart fork-tender.

I know some folks that express concern over lamb "smelling" bad as it cooks. I've not ran into this yet. And this one didn't smell anything but "I'm very good but I'm still cooking and you can't have me yet". Yeah, that kind of smell.

Make this soon.


Heather said...

Awesome dinner! The lamb was so extremely tender and just the right 'spiciness'. Thank you for dishing this up for us.

Shaddy said...

Lamb. I ain't gonna lie to ya. I ain't into lamb. I'm proud of you though. You fed your family and they seem to have eaten it up.

You're a good, good man and Heather knows it.

I'm old and set in my ways. No. No lamb for me. Thank you anyway, Rob.

Isn't it time for more Bella pictures? Please, please.