Sunday, December 27, 2009 ... OR ... Easy peezy lemon squeezy money tracking

Alright friends and neighbors, I've done found a new website ... well it's new to me ... for doing budgeting.

I know I know. Not a fantastically interesting subject and I heartily agree. Doing the budget sucks eggs. But what if you didn't really "do the budget" anymore but rather just watched where the money is spent?

What if rather than balancing numbers and running your personal finances like it's You, Inc you just watched trends, etc? What if you could just set a monthly spending amount and then monitor it online to see how your spending matches up to what you budgeted?

I was looking for something like this. Something simple and fresh with good reporting so I could see where money was going. Something with which I could get detailed if I needed to or if things were percolating along all hunky-dory, I could just watch stuff from ye old 30,000 ft view.

AND I didn't want to pay a lot for this muffler ... remember that old commercial? Or am I just old? Regardless ... and ahem ...


Mint Credit Card Help

This FREE online software does everything we need it to do for tracking our finances. Plus it even has an iPhone app so I can access my budget remotely. Too cool!

See you simply hook this software up to you bank info .. Mint reads your transactions and pulls them into a list. You assign your overall budget and categories.


Mint starts tracking your finances.

It learns how you spend money and makes very, very good guesses on which category each transaction should be assigned. If it gets it wrong, it's super easy to correct.

Then the cool part starts. You can see where your big expenditures are. Where you can trim some fat from your budget.

Basically, you can quickly see where you blew it and where you done did good :)

And did I mention it's free?

Give this a shot if you're in the market for simplifying your finances. We did and we're not regretting it. gets a long term badge on my site cause it's darn good! I highly recommend it.


Shaddy said...

Thanks for the invaluable information. Are you charging us for sharing this financial advice? I think you should; someone needs to profit from it. :)

Rob said...

You're quite welcome! And nope, no charge for the info! :)