Monday, November 24, 2008

The Master and Me

Ok, this may need some more work but I submit this little diddy for everyone's kind review :)

My bleary eyes slowly open to the first rustlings of the day,
and I stretch completely
I turn my head surveying the room as I hear a voice,
speaking to me sweetly
It's time to go out and face a new day each morning we wake,
the guiding always there
I don't know where we go each time or the why of it all,
but I know of the master's care

I hear it in the master's voice and see it in the provision,
each thing the master does for me
I work hard to please and try to understand it all,
but most things are honestly beyond me
You see I've been created intelligent, tis true, and under the master's guiding hand,
I grow more so each day still
I'm learning with every lesson but sometimes I forget and need to be re-taught,
that the "best" is the master's will

Following the master sometimes is confusing and I don't always know the meaning,
fumbling I try to grasp
Always though the master praises me as I try, sometimes beginning again,
with each of the master's tasks
I don't understand this place I'm in or even always what is expected of me,
but each day I willingly try
Even in the same room we work to hear each other through this din of distance,
that's between the master and I

We go everywhere together though sometimes the master withdraws for awhile;
the wait I know won't be long
Its part of my training to be a good companion and patience I learn from it,
I know I've done nothing wrong
Each time upon the master's return I rejoice my insides all a flutter,
I dance and play and invite
At times in my joy I press too hard forgetting what's what and who's who,
but the master corrects without spite

The one thing I do each day that I'm here is try to follow what my master holds dear,
every bit of each command
I know that tomorrow whatever it will bring will move me closer much closer,
to the master's loving hand
If the master goes here or the master goes there I'll follow if I have breath,
always present to please
You see where ever the master is the place I need to be; its best,
the master puts me at ease

The master teaches me lessons all the day long, showing me,
guiding me gently each step of the way
Patiently leading me in what I need for confidence and to grow,
all this I learn through lessons and play
The work it is long and teaching repeats for at times I need to be shown; reminded,
its part of the plan
Often we draw close and in our own way talk with me working and rewarded by,
the master's patient hand

At day's end, my bleary eyes look for bed after much learning and time well spent,
I finally settle in to rest
Even here I know my spot and it's ever near the master and that calming presence,
the one I like best
I settle down feeling safe with no concerns and no worries no fears,
for the master gives me none of these
Thinking fleetingly of tomorrow I dream dreams of running, playing, and learning,
yes the master puts me at ease

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