Sunday, December 21, 2008

Darn my sock

Ok yes I know that darning a sock means actually repairing a hole instead of creating a whole sock ... I mean all guys know that ... right guys? Um, guys? Harumph! How about we go play football and then chop down a tree?

Ok so I know a bit of how to sew but just the basics. I'm nothing fancy as I believe this pic proves, lol
But I wanted to post a couple of pics to show off my Christmas stocking. I'm kinda proud of it really :) See woodworking is my normal thing, and I really should post some project pics, but I loves to create and sewing this was fun too!
Aren't I just the domesticated one? No this isn't my head photoshopped onto somebody else's body that knows sewing either, lol Dats the real, super-casual me.

And here is the completed product! Alright it didn't win any awards but I did have fun doing some hand sewing although it took me like an hour to make the darn thing :)


Jennifer said...

see, i told heather this morning that if I had known you horton men knew how to sew, I could have turned you into elves a the coppock christmas sweatshop!

Rob said...

I'm a tad tall for an elf :)