Sunday, December 21, 2008

A touch of craftsmanship

Okay years ago I got started in woodworking just a bit here and there. I really really love this hobby. Its funny how your needs change as you age a bit. When I was in school I couldn't care LESS about shop class and now I have my own woodshop. Yeah I know, I'm odd. I think this hobby was born out of an extreme desire to save money, build things that "will last" and also to be able to do some giving to friends and family.

So here is one of my first projects. This was for my mom-in-law and it's a pie carrier. After this pic was taken, there was a brass handle added the top so it could be carried. This is still sitting on her countertop and she uses it a lot. So I feel kinda good about that :) I just LOVE to make stuff for people! Oh and btw, this is made from pine.

This next one was for my dad-in-law. Its a sextant style clock. And yes the clock actually spins on that little axis although I'm not sure why you'd want to do that. :) Its made of red oak.

Ok more pine work here; popular wood here in Missouri. This is a wall cupboard for my wifey which she really likes and uses for her cookie jar collection. I managed to make this in the shop without her knowing what it was or seeing it until it was done. Have no doubt of my sneakiness skills when I'm truly inspired :)

Now this one I'm pretty proud of and I'm not tooting my own horn there, I just like how it turned out. I've only recently gotten into carving. This is a love spoon. I got the idea for doing this from a book called "carving celtic lovespoons". This one is my own design. And you (yes you) can carve these for friends, family, whomever you like. You don't have to be "in love" with them you know. But this one was for my true love on our 10th wedding anniversary. I even made up a neat card on the computer (cause I'm a super geek) explaining all the symbols in it (I'll spare ya). This is made from basswood.

This little diddy is my best work so far. When I remember doing this one, pulling an all nighter, well it was just a lot of fun learning how to do this. Its a jewelry box for a friend of mine. The box is african mahogany, the drawers are bolivian rosewood, and that funny swirly wood on the lid is spalted maple. I really like this design and wish I could tell you it was mine but this came from a magazine.

Now here is where it all goes down kids, my good ol' garage shop. If you look to the right you can just catch our minivan trying to get in the picture ... aren't mini-vans the coolest thing ever Jenn? Hmmm? :) Anyway this is where I made pretty much all these things above, or well at least with these tools. Some of the early stuff I did at our previous house. And since this was taken my shop has moved to our basement so I can work in it whenever without having to worry about freezing my tail off in the winter and dying of heat stroke in the summer :)

Okay last thing. I'm not bragging on myself with these pics or in how I talk about my work. I just really enjoy it. I like to give stuff to people; its fun for me. I have a long list of project ideas that I keep around for folks I know. Chances are if you know me and are reading this; you're on my list .. but don't worry its a good list. Whenever I'm talking to someone I'm always listening to pick up on what they like, what their interests are, so I might be able to fashion something I can give them. I just like to do that a lot. It takes me a long time to get around to it sometimes, I sure am not fast like my crafty buddy Jenn, but I'll probably getcha something made eventually. :)

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Heather said...

You do an awesome job. I know from watching, that you put your heart, soul, sweat, and yes, even blood, into your projects. You make them with quality, because you want them to last. The people who receive your gifts are always amazed at all the work you put into it - JUST for THEM. I, for one, REALLY appreciate all your hard work.