Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Worth Knowing

Anybody got any good friends out there?
Bet you do. Me too.

This time of year they are especially good to have and its a good time to show them your appreciation.

Last night I was talking to a new friend of mine. Haven't known him long. Although we're probably not what you'd call "good friends" yet, the guy is cool. And I'm hoping to know him for a long time. He's a person I admire for many reasons. (And he never reads this blog I'm pretty sure so I can brag on him without embarrassing him, lol) Anyway he was telling me about a good friend of his and he described him this way .... "a good friend, known him for years. very solid. worth knowing".

It was those last words that struck me. "Worth knowing". It spoke volumes to me. I think the reason this said so much to me is that this friend of mine is around a lot of people in his job. He's a good judge of character I think. So for him to say that about someone, I took it as a big deal.

But have you ever thought about that? Are YOU worth knowing?
You are, honest you are.

Ever felt like you're NOT "worth knowing" or that you don't fit in? I have.
You probably have too.

The truth is we are all worth knowing to someone in our lives. Someone out there can't picture themselves without you in their life. And along the way we will all meet new people and some of them will think you and me are worth knowing too.

Ok and some of the people we know and some we'll meet don't and won't think we're worth knowing but hey those people are wrong and just don't take the time to get to know us well, right? :)

Now if you're having a bad day; you remember, you're important to someone. They really think you're "worth knowing". You have "life changing value" to them and if you're hurting or confused they WANT help you out. Trust me they'll gladly give of their time and their talents, anything you need, in order to help YOU ... although I know sometimes it's hard to ask for that help.

So if you have something buggin you, get around those folks that think that way about you. It's powerful medicine.

It's worth ... a lot.


Jennifer said...

Its hard to be "quirky" sometimes. BUT, I think maybe that the friends you make are actually better friends that way. You know they really like you for you.

Rob said...

I so "ditto" that sentiment :) And seriously, you're right again (as usual).

Heather said...

Yes, you are someone "worth knowing". You have changed my live in so many ways, and I can't and don't want to imagine my life without my best friend. Please remember I am always just a whisper away.