Friday, January 16, 2009

Fatherhood Fridays

Well another new idea has struck me. I think I will write each Friday about fatherhood and husband-hood. I really like how this past Wednesday's post went. It was tons o' fun for me so I look forward to more of that.

So for this recurring segment I'll be looking at the ups, the downs, the smiles and frowns that happen from my quirky perspective of being a dad, a new dad now, a worker outside the home, and a husband.

First some really good news :) Heather and I did learn earlier this week that we are going to be new parents. Tis been a big adjustment for us to be sure. Things we haven't thought of in nigh on 13 years are coming back up now. But it's good stuff. Very good stuff to be a dad again. This will mean another 18 years of letter writing on birthdays, hiding them, and keeping track of them. It will mean much much more to me too. But many multiple and myriad thoughts run through my brain lately. It's a lot to process for an "emogical" person like me.

As our pregnancy progresses, and yes I use the word "our" there because my wife isn't in this alone and it does affect us both; I'll write more on my feelings and thoughts/experiences regarding being a dad through a pregnancy too.

For now, suffice it to say I've finally sunk into "new dad" mode again and it feels surprisingly good. Cause now, unlike the first time, I have 13 years of experience from which to draw so that will make some things easier. I'm not such a dolt as to believe that I have it all figured out though; I know I don't.

So besides that little announcement, what else shall this new blog segment be about? Well I have a preview for you. Read on faithful blog buddies.

I believe that next week, we'll be discussing some scripture. It's a favorite that divides the genders and raises the hackles of the Biblically schooled and those who've never read a thing about it.

"Wives submit yourselves to your husbands."

Wow. Just look at that. Doesn't it create FEELINGS in you? Tis good writing when that happens. However that's not EXACTLY what I'll be writing about but rather, the rest of the verses that follow it. Whereas guys use the above portion to mistreat and control women, and yes the Church has been part of this, the remaining scripture most guys like to avoid.

So don't worry ladies if you're reading this and thinking I'm one of those men that thinks women are lesser creations and should somehow "obey" men. That kind of thinking is just crap and I'm not that kind of guy. And honestly the Bible isn't that kind of Bible either.

So we will rather instead be talking of what a guy's role is in serving his wife and family. Did you even know the Bible talks about that? And it talks about it far more than you may realize too. It should be a good post.

So don't miss next Friday ... I'll be studying for this one.


rob horton said...

hey rob,

kudos on the dad stuff! i really wonder about the expression "the bible talks"? i have been around evangelicalism long enough to hear "the bible says" etc. but as i have found myself increasingly not a fan of evangelicalism i have found myself really questioning the validity of how we speak about the christian scriptures. just some food for thought.


Rob said...

Hey man welcome to the ol' blog. You and I have the SAME name? Wow. Just don't tell me you're middle name is Michael as well and I won't freak out too bad.

Well I guess what I'm trying to say about the Bible is that I do believe the it's the inspired word of God. So assuming that's true and nope, I can't scientifically prove it, then a person would consequently believe its a spiritual book and more weighty than say, a novel.

However, I'm also not a fan of what most christians typically put out there. So I'm not coming from that typical angle.

I've went through a lot of hooey in christian circles and now am really searching for the truth of it all and throwing away stuff I previously thought "important". Maybe you've seen some hooey too.

So for me, I have to start separating how christians have treated me vs what God/scripture "really" points out concerning my life.

So really, honestly, thanks for your point. It is well taken. I'll keep info like this in mind when I write to make sure I'm coming off the right way :) Hope you stick around to read more! Cya!

rob horton said...

thanks for the response rob - that is pretty wild that we share the same name - that is how i found your post. i subscribe to updates via google on anything posted about "rob horton". we do have different middle names - mine is lewis. it is a trip that you are in missouri too. i am encouraged by the work of the spirit-of-god in your life and heart - that is awesome.

i also respect your journey of sorting through this stuff - that is a journey i am on too.

i think that is where i was going with raising my question. i think another area that we need to rethink is what we say about the christian scriptures - i am thinking that some of what we have heard from pulpits regarding the christian scriptures is not that accurate nor helpful. i was just wanting to stir up some thoughts - that seems to be a hobby of mine :)

looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

where in mo are you located? (don't respond to that if you are not comfortable with it). i am in republic - which is just outside of springfield.

grace and peace,

Rob said...

Sorry for the long delay in replying Rob. I'm in Warrenton, MO.