Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quickie: How many beanies can you eat?

Occasionally, rather than ramble on and on (yes I'm trying to do better with that resolution), I figure I'll throw in a "quickie" post. Hey who doesn't enjoy one of those from time to time right? Pervs. Clearly I meant concise and informative posts :)

Okay I just made this 16 bean soup today. It is delish! You simply must have some soon. However I added some stuff to this. It's this illness I inherited from my mother. Neither of us can ever make the same pot of soup twice. It always ends up being "mood food"; meaning depending on our mood, we flavor it totally different although the base is the same each time.

I only added some hot peppers, black pepper and some peas. Okay I really like peas alright? And spicy food is my life.

Thanks to my very good friend Jenn and her food blogging talents for showing me the way of the soup and introducing me to crockpot cooking, in general, and this recipe in particular. I slammed all this in the crock this morning and like elven cooking magic, dinner was ready when I got home. It's a beautiful feeling.

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