Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday: Super rare spawn post ...

OMG I'm outta control ... two posts ON THE WEEKEND??!?! I know, right? I can hear your shock and feel the breeze of your breath due to your slack-jawedness.

Now close your mouth, you're attracting flies.

Ahem. Just making an announcement for you always ready readers while at the same time, a note for myself to remember later.

On Tuesday, I shall begin a new theme day for "Dog Days at the Hortons". Heather and I have decided to step up our dog training a ka-notch. Stormer needs the help and we want a better-behaved puppy. Honestly we've been slacking and it's time to get on track. How are we doing that? Simple. Daddy starts making lists of goals and daily schedules (yes I'm a giant nerd).

So on Tuesdays I will be venting, asking for advice, and giving some of my own on how "real-life" dog training goes. Not the edited version you see on TV but right down in the trenches, how it works for us, the pitfalls, the setbacks and the joys of training a puppy in our home.

Hope you'll like these posts but um, if you don't, well there are better blogs to read than this one anyway :)

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