Sunday, February 8, 2009

(belated) Fatherhood Fridays: Time management

Okay I could use some advice. Nothing is wrong; just need some input on time management/motivation I guess. Here’s the dealio.

Seems like the wifey and I never have enough time to talk and make plans for everything we have going on. From projects we have going on around the house, to planning for the baby, doing the budget, planning for our impending move, there never seems to be enough time. Now I'm *huge* on being organized. Organizing time seems to be hard for me sometimes though.

Often, after I come home in the evenings we seem to want to veg out as a family, not really “doing” anything. It’s either read, talk, watch a movie, stuff like that. Guess that’s pretty typical.
I figure the "often vegging-out" has a lot to do with me not leading as I should sometimes. Usually I come home from a long day (yes I *do* actually work, lol), from a long drive home and find I only have a bout 3 hours of time with the family before it’s time to close up shop for bed. That makes me want to spend that time with just my family. I know though to be *healthy* we need more than than just each other. We need others to hang out with and yes, we need to do projects together instead of our normal grind.

However, quite often we get into this rut where nothing really gets accomplished during the week other than the “have to” stuff of school, work, fixing meals etc. Then the weekends get slammed with so *much* stuff to do it gets overwhelming.

Anybody else out there have these same kinds of time issues? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining either but rather just trying to share some real-life stuff. Life isn’t always perfect, clean and organized at Castle Horton.

I know what I’m expressing is *normal*, everybody goes through it; I just need to hear it although that won’t really help me solve our time management stuff either, lol! Things still need to get done. And I know there are times during a person’s life where you just have to knuckle down, upset your normal schedule and do it. This might be one of those times, huh?

I just need to learn some good guidelines to keep my balance during those times. Otherwise I have a tendency to *shut out the world* until everything is finished. And I know that’s not good either. So again, looking for some help with balance here.

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