Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a normal and welcomed day ...

Today was just an average day. Nothing exciting happened.

I'm ok with that. It's good to be in this kind of place today. For awhile now, things have been up and down for me with the ol' contentedness. I'm not sure what my deal has been. But it's good to look at relationships, work, and life in general and feel like .. "You know what? A lot of people work all their lives and never see things this well in line."

And I'm thankful.

I'm a fortunate guy. I have a wife and son who love me very much. We have a good roof over our heads, we can pay our bills and save some money for a rainy day, still having enough to give when we see a need. Everybody is healthy. The new baby is percolating nicely. Heather is feeling better now. I have a good job in a stable industry. I have a particularly bestest pal with which to talk and other good friends too.

An older guy I used to know once asked me, "Look at all those things you have. If someone offered you a million dollars to give one of them up, which one would would it be?" He answered before I could and said for me, "None of them. It's a helluva package."

Those really are words to live by although some might consider the advice rough around the edges. Not me. It's earthy and real. The kind of sentiment which guys sometime give one another thats profound, speaking deeper than the words on the surface. I was honored and distinctly remember the weight of that moment. I think I'll always remember his words. I hope so.

Yep nothing very much exciting happened today. But that's okay by me. I'm glad things are the way they are.

In other news ...
There are some changes coming for us though. Our move is still happening. We have some bids to do some finish work on our basement in order to add a 4th bedroom and a 3rd bathroom to the house. I wish I knew a timeline on it for those of you who really want to know (you know who you are) :) ... but alas I don't.

The realtor will be stopping by next week to give things a once-over and talk with us about getting ready to put this place on the market by Spring. I can't wait! And I know we'll have it on the market by then. From there it shall just be a waiting game to see what happens.

And happily, most happily, I'm excited to announce I have some shop projects to make and I'm working on those (pics to come later, meesa promisin) ... it will be very, very good to get back in the shop, creating some things for people who are most important to me. With the way I feel right now, I'll be able to do my very best work, I can feel that already.

Well this has been just a general ramble hasn't it? Im still trying to find my blogging legs with this new schedule of doing it in the evenings. I think I may write at work during the day, sending it home to post later. Inspiration usually strikes me during the quiet of the work day actually. So writing in the evenings like this is an adjustment for me. I have missed blogging about the dog and Wistful Wednesdays is my favorite day to post.

Writing, for me, at any time is relaxing, therapeutic and just relieves my soul. So I'll get back on track with my schedule. I'll probably use this weekend to "reset". Okay, enough random thoughts from me, right?

Until next time!


Jake Hammell said...

it's nice to read a blog that isn't all doom and gloom!

Rob said...

Thanks for stopping by Jake and thanks for the nice comment!