Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quickie: Work's got me all blocked up ...

Well my blogging may experience a slight hiccup whilst I adjust my schedule. My work apparently has decided to start blocking web-sites, of which, anything to do with blogger is included. So no more blogging/commenting during the day for me unless I can talk em out of it. I'm working diligently on that.

The nerve of these people. I'm a computer nerd for crying out loud. And they cut me off from online friends and cool technology. Sheesh!

Little do they know that my desire to avoid work has no bounds; my energy in which to find ways to accomplish that goal is unlimited. So as I'm fond of saying ... Irresistable force? Meet immoveable object.

I've already discovered ways to continue IM'ing, which they had also temporarily blocked. Tis only a matter of time before I bust out, back to daytime blogging.


Heather said...

Go, hon, go! :) I know you'll figure a way.

Jennifer said...

Don't they know thats like taking heroin from an addict? Its inhumane! They could at least offer you methadone.