Friday, February 20, 2009

Resolution update

Well today after long weeks of changing the way I eat, as well as getting more reasonable active, I've reached a milestone. I've a long ways to go yet before I'm gonna be comfy with myself around others. However, I don't think I'm going to go nearly as far as I first intended when I began this little journey to there being less of me around.

I think my first evaluation will come near the end of next month when I should be back down to the weight/size I was when I got married. After 14 years of marriage, and my wife putting up with my weight gain, its really nice to be able to see that I can get back to that. Just reaching that goal will be awesome.

When I do get there I'll be ready to look ahead to see if there is something on the horizon for which to work toward or if I'm done. But enough about weight loss. How are my other resolutions doing? Let's check.

Am I coasting through life or paying better attention as I said I would? (Well some of you may have to help me here, but I think I'm doing better on this. I certainly haven't forgotten to work on this).

Worrying less about what others think of me. (This is hard for me. With friends, to family, to work folks, I really worry far too much. I need to remember that the people who care about me, care about me genuinely and always will like they've said. I need to stop trying so hard in making sure they still like me and just be "me", the person they liked to begin with).

I will create and write more. (This I'm doing well on. I write regularly on here, I write down my dreams now and random things which I keep on my computer at home. I have other private blogs which I'm part of with friends and family .. and I'm loving every minute of all that).

Medium to large projects around the house. (I'm guilty of procrastinating here. I've done some stuff but I need to do far more. Sorry honey, I'm still working on this).

Being satisfied with my current level of "stuff" and reducing what I do have. (This is coming along nicely and there is more to do. I hope Heather isn't losing patience with me here but I recently read a book that has changed me in this area again and I think there is far more we can do as a family to live a "lesser" but better lifestyle).

I will make less emotional decisions/have less emotional conversations than I have in the past. (Again I need to work on this. Sometimes I feel as though I open up the ol' heart too fast and too much, then later look like a goofball. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm debating on whether to cinch some things up in that regard, not sure).

Be more assertive. (This has been going well and I like the change. My bestest pal has helped me out very much here, having more of an impact on my life than they could ever know).

Speak and write more efficiently (Yep) ... haha

Listen more to advice from my friends and family. (This is going really well. I LOVE the communication which is fast becoming like a drug. After a good long lifetime of being closed off to a lot of advice, it's nice to have that input).

So there is my update on how things are going with the ol' resolutions. Tune in tomorrow when, from Castle Horton, our hero ... posts again.

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