Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random things

This might be kinda fun to read for some of you. Trivia about folks usually is interesting. So, here are some Hobbies/Interests that I have or have had which you may not yet know about. I'll toss in a tiny explanation on some if I feel they need it.
  • Old English Lettering
  • Lettering in general (Okay on these two, I just enjoy writing neatly. And old English style of writing letters just appeals to my "old world" side that I've always had.)
  • Art (Pencil drawing/charcoal)
  • Computers (Since age 13 or so, self taught, building them and programming them. I've taught classes at work and turned down a teaching job once for programming. So yep I was a lonely nerd growing up. Tis why now that I've learned to open up more to some people I have like 30+ years of talking to catch up on).
  • Social engineering (A form of hacking. Lets just say that in any computer system where people are involved, the people are the weak link to the system, not the computer. Believe me I see this proven-out on a daily basis. )
  • Woodworking (Furniture making, box making. This is a 5 star hobby for me!)
  • Woodcarving (Spoons, reliefs. Also a 5 star hobby!)
  • Comic book collecting (Yes I still have some, and comic cards at age 39 ... my god how pathetic right?)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (Paper version, is there another?)
  • Chess/Checkers/Other various board games
  • Poker
  • Martial arts (Chinese kenpo kung fu, chi-study, internal arts, tae-kwon-do, ninjutsu)
  • Weapons study (Archery, knives, swords, weapons-concealment. Yep, I have strange and useless skills.)
  • Computer gaming
  • Reading (Non-fiction and fiction ... mucho-fiction here lately)
  • Cooking (This is becoming an addiction of serious proportions ... thanks Jenn, haha)
  • Bike riding (Used ride everywhere back in my home town, even to work. Rode to work once when it was 23 degrees. Longest ride, 30+ miles. At one time was working up to a 100 miles in one-day. The guys I was riding with bailed on me during our training and I never got back to after that.)
  • Paranormal
  • Christianity
  • Drafting (pen and paper-type)
  • Drafting (computer-aided)
  • Drums (acoustic)
  • Bass guitar (electric)
  • Pool/billiards (Whatever you want to call it, I once considered making a run at doing this professionally. My geek-brain for angles/geometric principles is well suited to this game.)
  • Singing (Mostly church music stuff, southern gospel quartet music, but I like to sing along with bands like Nickelback and Snow Patrol now too. I sound like the guy from Snow Patrol on the song "Chasing Cars". I wish I had a more manly voice than that though.)
  • Music (Pretty much all kinds and when I say that I mean it. I've listened to everything from barbershop quartet music to funk. In all of them I've managed to find something I liked. Definitely no music snob here.)
  • Writing (Fiction, non-fiction, technical, dreams, poetry)
  • Thinking (One of my favorite past times is just to sit and think, let my brain wander. Yeah I'm weird alright?)

Wow, I've had/have a lot of hobbies and interests. Um, I wonder why sometimes I can never decide what to do first? :) When I sat down to think of things, I figured there would only be a few. I suppose a lot of these are more *interests* than hobbies as well. I have few few actual hobbies methinks but I'm interested in a great many different topics.

There are things on here that I didn't list too I'm sure. Its hard to just make a list of *everything about Rob*, right? I mean I'm way, way too interesting .. hahah, yeah right!

See me later ..

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Heather said...

You are a guy I can never find boring. :) Too many things we can do. Very interesting post, and yes, it's a wonder you aren't ALWAYS going 90 mph.