Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wistful Wednesdays: Random Thoughts

Maybe these are questions best asked of the Magic 8 Ball but here they are anyway.
  • Work. If I had the option to not do what I do, then in fact what would I choose to do?

  • Will we be able to sell our house like we plan and if not, what will change in my life?

  • Why is it that there seems to be more trust among people in the “blue collar” world of work than there is in the “white collar” world?

  • Why is it that whenever someone asks me to do something at work, they assume I have nothing else going on than to fulfill their request immediately?

  • Is everything going to be okay with me being a Dad this next time around?

  • The stuff that Josh is going through now, am I being the Dad he needs in his life? Do I need to turn off more things and be even closer to him? I don’t want to smother him either.

  • How will I find the time to get the things that need done at home without ignoring my family and friends?

  • Am I being a good husband right now? A good father?

  • I need to work with our dog more. I just need the “guilt free” time.

  • How do you get some “guilt free” time?

  • Am I being a good friend?

  • I crave sameness. Why do things have to change?

  • Balance is a big word and it seems that most of your life is spent trying to get it/maintain it/keep it. For some it’s more elusive than money, bringing more success, and taking more effort.

  • Is remembering times that are lost, and perhaps never coming back again, a waste of one’s mind or rather is it a thread of hope, unrelenting which, in the right environment may grow to an unbreakable chain made of the very thing a person thought was gone?

  • Sometimes my noggin gets full, compelling me to just sit, staring for a few minutes, until I feel I can process the next thought or feeling.

  • Often I wonder .. what’s …next?

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