Monday, March 30, 2009

Of guns and geeks

On Saturday we attended a local gun show in St Charles. It was a pretty good time. Much to see and much to buy. Remember when in Return of the Jedi, Luke was separated from his lightsaber and wanted to use it so badly? It's kinda how I felt with my wallet at the gun show. The wallet nearly trembled in anticipation of being used to buy a handgun on Saturday.

And yeah I came close to um .. pulling the trigger. Oh come on! You can't write a post like this about a gun show without mentioning pulling the trigger. Moving on :)

We did get to look at several guns, hold them, talk about them, etc. It was good for Heather to get a feel for some of them, the weight and the grips.

But there were a LOT of people there. Thousands. The show was in this huge convention center, recently built; it was jam-packed- ubr-crowded with folks, guns, knives and swords. My kind of place really. And although we didn't buy anything we learned a lot, had a good time.

And darn it I forgot the camera though .. ah well, next time!


TheBakers said...

I was wondering, what's your take on the guns? I have just purchased a handgun.

Rob said...

What's my take? I'd take one wherever I go if the law would allow it :) Also, I strongly recommend classes to learn how to handle them properly. We will all be attending one when our first handgun happens along.

Shaddy said...

Two of my four brothers bought handguns recently. They took classes and they frequently go to a range to practice shooting them. My oldest brother has a car shop in a questionable part of town and my other brother has had a car stolen and his house broken into.

I don't blame them or anyone for wanting some extra protection.