Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lazy Day .. Crazy Day

Some of you know and some of you may not that I've been talking to the Ambassadors of Harmony concerning joining their singing group. Its like a big choir of all guys, that sings here in the St Louis area. There is this guy with whom I work and he sings with them. He's been trying to get me to come to practice with them and try out on Thursday evenings. I've been slacking and putting it off.

Well today I took a walk on the Katie Trail during lunch since the weather is so ubr-nice today. I ran into Vince (the guy I mentioned) and 2 buddies he was with. Vince, like me, has been doing some weight loss of his own. These guys, whom I didn't know, were with him and had met him for lunch to walk together. Anyway, we bump into each other. Turns out the other two folks were members of a local barbershop quartet that broke up over the last few years. Vince starts yapping about singing right there in front of these guys. I was getting nervous and starting to sweat but trying to hide the urge to run away.

There was a pavilion close by. They basically talked me into going over to it, to do a little impromptu singing with them just for me to try out for the AOH. These other guys are members too. So I get hauled to the pavilion. Thank God there weren't many people in the park area nearby. We started singing. I stumbled through the first bit but was feeling better by the second verse of Lazy Day. By the time we got through all four verses, a small gathering of less than 10 folks was listening. And when we were done, there was a smattering of applause even (probably to be polite and apologize for staring). I led the way off that pavilion as fast as I could.

And to make this story more nerve-wracking, for me anyway, they want me to join up with their group. They liked me. Even joked about starting our own quartet by reviving that one which had broken up year before last. I kinda hope they were kidding about that. But I guess tomorrow night I'll show up at practice and see how it goes. The thing is we'd been considering moving and stuff. If I start down this little endeavor I'm not sure how the move will happen as I'll need to stay close by to St Charles. And I'm not sure how much travel is involved with this either.

Either way I'd like to remind you that this is the first day of April and none of this is true. I'll be typing my computer code in for some time I'm sure; so don't worry you won't have to be exposed to my singing voice anytime soon either. :)


Heather said...

Very good, dear. You actually had me going for a bit. :P Sing away! Love you, H

TheBakers said...

What?????? You jerk, you had me going all the way.

Shaddy said...

How could you!!