Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wistful Wednesdays: A look back ...

Hey just when you think things couldn't get any better they don't.

Everybody calm down, I was only kidding. But of course its hard for things to improve after watching Madagascar 2 the other night. Seeing that and laughing so hard kinda inspired me to write a few lines about one of my favorite subjects. Cartoons/Kid's shows. My friend Jenn blogged about the good ol' shows not long ago. This will kinda be like that.

Loving to make you wait, but not really having the heart to, here is a short list of cartoons and cartoon characters that shaped the weirdness that is me [Bugs Bunny in particular but the whole Looney Tunes cast really, Heckel and Jeckel, Speed Racer, Thundarr the Barbarian, Land of the Lost, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Battle of the Planets (OMG, so cool), Space Ghost, The Flintstones, The Herculoids, Johnny Quest, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo] .. the list continues ...

Let's move shall we? So no, that's not nearly my whole list of favorite shows ever, and I'm sure I missed a bunch of yours, but I could just write down titles all day, not posting anything else. And what fun would that be, hmmmmmm?

Oh these were the shows the shaped my life really. Particularly Bugs Bunny. I remember distinctly identifying with that Wascaly Wabbit, way back on a Saturday morning in my youth, a long, long, long, long, very long, time ago. I don't remember the particular episode. I just remember realizing, hey he really just did something important there that made what he said "more" funny than normal. I was hooked.

Basically the change in me began then. From that Bugs moment on, I started watching shows differently, looking for smart-alecs. Of course when I was young those shows were easy to find. Nowadays you don't really find a lot of toons that compare to the ones we had growing up. Not the newer ones anyway. But there are some really good new shows out there.

Everybody probably already watched this before me. I realize that. I'm no trend setter to be sure. But Avatar the Last Air Bender is very likely the best animated show I've seen since Battle of the Planets really. Now, I was a HUGE fan of G-Force so for me to say Ang and the gang are very cool is big magic. Such a good story though, with excellent characters and great interaction. I haven't watched an episode of that when I wasn't disappointed that it was only a 1/2 hour show.

Laughing at me yet? I think I hear you. At my age, perhaps it is a little odd of me to still like these shows. However I find some comfort that the origins of comic books, cartoons and all that were actually created to get people to dream and to laugh during dark times in our country's history. But maybe I just remember that so I don't have adult guilt for watching kid shows, eh?

Laugh if you will then but I figure its always a good time to dream and have some fun. Why not, right? It's why I can snort/laugh at Spongebob and company ... "You haaaad to kill him. The boy cries you a sweater of tears. And you kill him." That's funny stuff guys and gals. I have to admit I'm a late arrival to Bikini Bottom but there is a lot of funny stuff there to be had. Plus I never ever tire of Plankton. Thus my avatar on gchat.

Anyway, everybody needs a chance to unwind and laugh now and again. Shows like the ones I've listed above help you do that. Maybe they aren't your thing. Maybe they are and you've just forgotten how much fun they were. If you have kids, introduce them immediately to Boomerang and Cartoon Network; SO many good shows on there, particularly the older ones folks my age grew up with. Although I've not yet found any Heckel and Jeckel. I'll keep hoping :)

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Jennifer said...

wow we need to check out avatar, that has been on my must watch list!

Good post!