Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend plans already?

Whatever is wrong with me is no small thing right?

Clearly I have organizational issues in that I need need NEED things to be orderly. Heather and I began in earnest over the weekend, to head down the dark trail of full-on house cleaning. And it all starts in the basement.

I'll not bore you with my master plan other than to say this. The basement now has become like a small warehouse in that I'm building aisles, yes I'm laying them out with a tape measure, for our stuff we need to keep and store. I have a whole system of inventorying said aisles. And we are going through everything we own basically making "keep" and "throw away" piles, then going from there. The "throw away" pile is what I drive my bride completely nuts with I'm sure.

See, I'd be happy to live in a house comprised of a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom ... done. Stock the home with many bookshelves filled with interesting things to read, perhaps a cable-channel or two for some sitcoms, and a dvd player for the occasional movie and ... well I'd leave the house less-often than I do now and be even paler than I am.

Getting back to my original point of being weirdly organized I've already begun planning this next weekend. See, the family is leaving me to my own devices while they head up to Iowa to visit Heather's folks. And so I've created another monumental to-do list for me-self.
  • Clean family room, prep to receive computers from main level.
  • Extra things from fam room, move to basement storage area and catalog.
  • Paint family room?
  • Move computers and all homeschool stuff downstairs. Organize office/school zones.
  • Reorganize dining room and clean.
  • Finish porch trim and take down lights.
  • Burn leaves from garden and clean fence, burn those leaves too.
  • Play the game a bit (see if Brian and Jenn want to hang out).
  • Do som writing/planning/etc
  • Make that breakfast dish/crepes to try out, see if its a keeper.
  • Play a lot with Storm (work out by jogging in yard with her, maybe take her to the creek).
  • Use work outside time as both some play time and exercise.
  • Storm: work on standard commands but outside. Use bacon or something for treats, maybe sardines.
Okay thats all I could think to write today .. wasn't much of a blog post I know but hey, this is real-life stuff so I thought I'd share ..


Heather said...

Only one phrase comes to mind . . . HOLY COW! Please don't overdo, my dear. I'd like to see you still standing when I get home. :)

Jennifer said...

Brian and Jenn would love to play.

Um, on the storm and bacon comment, will Fred mind you chopping him up into little bits and feeding him to your dog?

Rob said...

He'll never see it coming :)