Thursday, April 23, 2009

New kid on the block: Baby update

Well my darling wife went to the doc yesterday for a checkup and an ultrasound. This was the big one - to determine the gender of el-kiddo ... or ... Thing 2.

We will be having a girl!

Right now we have her name set as Isabella which I really really think is quite lovely. Good full name, good nicknames - Dad is happy with that. I skip the middle name revelation because it just occurred to me that Wifey may not want to divulge that info until later.

So now we let Isabella percolate until the timer dings. At least now though we know what colors to buy for the room, clothes, etc - I enjoy knowing that part ahead of time, being the planning kinda guy that I am.

Okay back to work for me - just had to write a quick few lines about our new family addition! Laters!

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