Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dazed and confuzed

For some time now, years in fact, I've been in the process of taking things "off of the shelf" which I've learned (concerning faith/religion) especially. I do this with everything really in my life, from how my woodshop is arranged to relationships in my life, and I think most folks do the same if they stop to think about it. In my opinion, it's part of just being one of us human-types.

This post is generally about some faith issues. Now for the most part I keep serious matters of faith out of my blog. Just a personal preference really. My readership generally follows the Singleton pattern and I'd like to keep what readers I have :P

That being said I do have a self-observation to make "aloud" here. Today I discovered I'm still very much affected by "religion". And not in a good way. I had ... until today, considered myself a person who is willing to "see the other side", "consider all angles" - pick your buzz phrase. I really thought I had that down. But I'm having trouble.

I was doing some reading and came across some things that I can't reconcile with my religious training - perspectives which I didn't realize were so strong in me. I WANT to see this other viewpoint but I can't work it out it against what I "think" to be true already.

Isn't that odd?

I suppose I've reached a sort of a mental impasse with the thought process I came across. Its a good puzzle though and I'm eager to figure it out. I was just shocked at myself that I couldn't easily adapt and see this other way of thinking immediately.

Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself some sort of brainiac, instantly adapting to all situations. To know me is to know I'm NOT a brainiac :P

I'll get this worked out though - and when I do I may share it here. And apologies if this blog post seems vague. I just wanted to jot down these feelings before work takes its inevitable hold for the day, lol

See me later!

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Jennifer said...

I think you are super brave to post your feelings about religion. It can be a sticky issue, but I know you, you are so tactful.