Friday, May 8, 2009

Fatherhood Fridays: Slimmer Dad still under construction

Well today on this vewy vewy rainy day here in my neck of the Midwest, I thought it good to write a bit about being a slimmer version of my fatherly-self. Wow "fatherly" sounded so old right there didn't it? Heck I'm only 39 - still just a pup - right everybody? Um ... everybody?



As some of of you know, I've been working on becoming more healthy. And I've done well. As of today, I'm on the last notch of my belt - and yes I'm referring to the "slim" end of the belt meaning I can't tighten it any more. So soon I shall need a new and smaller belt.

That feels really good. Also as of today I've lost 9.02% of my original body weight which is feeling pretty darn great too.

So how does being healthier tie into Fatherhood Friday here at Horton Hollow? Well I'll show you - I hope - otherwise I'll have to categorize this as 'Resolution updates' instead.

You see, I have this crazy notion that my losing some weight will help me be a better dad and husband. I figure a more active guy is happier, calmer, and generally more fun to be around right? So there you go - there is my "not so deep" analysis of things :) I will also admit to the fact that, as I lose weight, I enjoy feeling more comfortable around other folks.

Yes there are other 'reasons' from both past and present that are currently affecting my decisions/goals but I won't get into all that. All of us have many motivational tendrils attached to us - whether we acknowledge them or not - no one really makes decisions I think without some sort of outside influence.

There ends my dime-store philosophy for the day. And I won't even charge for it .. this time.

In closing, I would regale you with what I'm doing to become slimmer but there are so many websites out there, so many ways to succeed, that you certainly don't need me adding to that mix of information. I will say I'm not using weights for exercise, those are bad for you. How's that for a teaser-tag-line right?

So I'm looking forward to many slimmer years ahead, being more active and being more comfy. But I'm still gonna have the occasional slice of pizza or a burger and if I do, I may even eat it while watching TV ... so don't stand in front of it - and pass me the remote :)


Shaddy said...

Way to go, Rob! You've accomplished a very difficult challenge. Being slim requires continuous self-discipline. I'm glad you treat yourself to foods you really like; if not, life becomes a grind. We certainly don't want that, do we?

"Motivational tendrils," I like that.

Rob said...

Thanks Shaddy! Although I'm not as slim as I will be, it is good to be on a better path. Glad you like the motivational tendrils too - thanks!

Jennifer said...

I think you are doing a wonderful thing. After all, you are going to have someone to chase around soon. Usually the second child is more "challenging". That however could just be my experience.