Monday, May 11, 2009

Working: Its not me, it's them

Is it so so bad of me that I have a countdown timer on my computer's desktop, ticking away the seconds until "freedom" sets in?

I don't think so.

Well of course *I* think so right? I mean, I readily admit to normally agreeing with myself. I do try so desperately hard to keep disagreements with myself to private moments and mumblings lest the well-intentioned mistake my obvious brilliance for lunacy and spirit me away to some place to "help" me.

Lord knows I don't need *another* jacket that fastens up the back. But man oh man are those suckers warm! I mean a jacket that forces you to hug yourself? Getoutta here! What a good idea! And talk about building self confidence! "I like me, I reeeeeeally like me!" .. it's my favorite thing to say as they fasten the top buckles at the base of my neck right between the shoulders.

Wait. What were we talking about? Oh yes, timers!

Well I have one on my desktop at work constantly reminding me, and hopefully my boss, that I have a life outside of here - and although I enjoy helping folks here with their computer problems - it's not near as fun as being home or with friends outside of work. Well I can think of many things more fun than work but let's not slip back into digression-land where comfy-jackets abound.

So ... I recommend this little timer to you. Its kinda fun. Here is a screenshot. Enjoy :)


Heather said...

LOL - so that's what that garment with all the straps is, hanging in the back of the closet!?! ;-)

Shaddy said...

I'm glad no one, so far at least, has tried to help me by buckling me into a straight jacket.

I'd rather get my self-esteem from friends like you who are kind enough to comment to my blog posts.

Thanks for the chuckle. You had me wondering initially regarding the warm jacket that fastens in the back. I've got some high-tech clothing but nothing like that. Eventually, I caught on.

Talk about someone needing help! Perhaps I better look over my shoulder for the men in white coats; they may be coming soon.

Jennifer said...

I think I will have to get a job that actually allows me to clock out before I can use the timer. I kinda like the sweet sweet idea of a clock out time.

Rob said...

I'd tried to hide the from you for a long time but it was time for the truth to come out.

Glad this made ya laugh! I enjoy visiting your blog and I read you each time you post.

Yep that's me, I clock out from here and run home to do nothing but eat bon-bons .. darn it, you've exposed my whole secret life.