Friday, May 29, 2009

Post 98 Just Crashed the Gate

Well here we are. Just two away from my big story for which I have 1's of readers waiting to read. Huge blog following I have :) But thanks for sticking with me those of you who come here. Today's post title has nothing to do with the content today btw - I just like the "bounce" in that title so I stuck with it. It's how we roll here at Horton Hollow.

The wife and Thing 1 will be away this weekend, visiting her Mom and Dad in the great (and mostly flat) state of Iowa. So it will be just me and the little 90+ lb puppy dog.

When the family is gone its a double-edged sword for me. Yes I enjoy having some alone-time for I'm one of those types that likes to reflect. My reflection periods are generally relegated to my commute so getting to have some quiet time at home is pretty awesome.

But that only lasts about the first 3 hours. Then I start missing my family. And thusly, to keep my mind off of that, I make hellacious to-do lists for myself.

This weekend though I think I'll try to keep it light. Maybe just choose from a list of things that yeah, I can do if I want to, or I could read, sleep, and just play with the dog if I want as well. There will always be a to-do list right? And sometimes perhaps some self-calming mental health should be on it.

Okay enough with this serious stuff. Time to get back to the meat and potatoes of what makes this blog tick and nearly 4 people coming back to comment again and again!

Top 10 Things I Can Do This Weekend But Probably Shouldn't
(see I told you the post-title had nothing to do with the content this time)
  1. Learn how to create blog content that matches my post title.
  2. Patent that "better mousetrap" I've had down in my shop for awhile now.
  3. Check out the book "Stop Procrastinating .. Tomorrow" from the library - I've been putting that off.
  4. Finish the book "How to Complete a Task" - that sucker has been bookmarked at page 350 out of 354 for months now.
  5. Help the environment by conserving water. How? I'll go naked all weekend to reduce using the washing machine.
  6. Going naked will also keep me cooler and allow me to raise the thermostat setting, saving energy, and cutting fossil fuel usage. Wow this naked thing is huge! (no comments on that dear readers)
  7. Build Better MouseTrap 2.0 - yeah why stop with just ONE better mousetrap? In 5 years everyone will want a better one anyway. I'll have Billy Mays scream at folks to buy them.
  8. Keep the house clean as a whistle all weekend .. Bwaaaahahaha! I never do this but rather wait till Sunday before Heather comes home to clean everything up. Sssshhhhh!
  9. Stare blankly into space enjoying the fact that all the busy people can't slow down long enough to do this.
  10. Get in a few frames of Wii-bowling. Naked Wii-bowling.

Well that's it from me for now. In 26 minutes my weekend officially begins. More from me later!


Shaddy said...

I like your title and even more I like the fact that it's just a hook to catch a net full of readers. I may do the same one of these days.

I love having hours and hours and even days and days all to myself. I don't even miss my husband when he goes on his fishing trip. As a result, I feel like a ogre, guilty for not wishing he was here.

He's a hell of a good guy so it's not that I want to be rid of him. I've never been completely on my own. I went from living with my parents to being married. I suspect that may be why I enjoy the feeling of independence that I have when I'm stuck with just me, myself and I.

Well, I hope your weekend is a good one for you.

Rob said...

Yes I can relate to what you wrote Shaddy. I have never had any real independence - I went from parents to room mates to married. And I don't mean that negatively. Back then I wouldn't have done well being alone.

Now that I'm older though, I suppose having not had those times back then, I look back on it and sometimes wish I had a "do over". And I'm sure that's where most of my enjoyment comes from when I get my chances to be alone now.

Tis strange how things in life fall together like that. When you're young, things move faster and are nearly blown about in the hurry of life. Then when the years bring some maturity - you look back through some of the rubble, and a lot of it you don't really care to keep. But sometimes, like with the gem of "alone time" you try to pick it up dust it off and put it back on the shelf to be treasured.

Shhhh, I nearly got insightful there - I try to hide that here in comments so folks don't think this is a serious blog :)