Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man Sandwich

Here is part two of, funny stories about me in the workplace. As mentioned in a previous post, these are to be all silly stories, starring moi, and my misadventures as a computer geek. And now to satiate your appetite, I bring you ...

Man Sandwich
Back at one of my previous employers is from where this story comes.

Ah we were a rag-tag bunch of developers. Full of grit, spit, and grit .. and spit .. and well there was a lot of spit. Our database administrator was a good dude named Ramakrishna Kotagiri. We called him Krishna for short, plus it saved wear and tear on our lips/tongue/tiny brains. Seriously, he just went by that shortened version of his name.

Krishna brought his own brand of humor to our group and he gave the trouble out nearly as good as he got it. And if you've not yet guessed, Krishna is from India.

So one day, we had been joking around - the mood was one of high spirits - most likely the bosses were gone for the day or something, not that that stopped us from having a laugh when the occasion called for it. We were always quick to have some fun at work.

Anyway, I was standing at a friends cubicle, diligently leaning on it ... aka holding down the wall lest it float away ... and another friend of ours walked up to stand beside me and yack for awhile. There we were, three pasty white programmers prattling away about much ado of which I assume amounted to nothing.

And Krishna comes strolling over.

Now the two of us that were leaning on the cube wall were nearly shoulder to shoulder. Krishna wedges himself between us (as stated he liked to give us trouble but had his own way of going about it). There was the typical good-natured guy fun of shoving each other around, trying to keep Krishna from edging his way in there ... I think you can see where this is going ... and then suddenly we moved apart and there he was between us, shoulder to shoulder ... to shoulder.

I was left-most in the lineup. Suddenly, I had one of my rare moments where I can't keep my mouth shut as I gazed to my right, evaluating our standing order in regards to color and I uncontrollably blurted out, "Hey look, Roast Beef on White!"

Ever have one of those times where you could almost see the words coming out and you wished you could grab them, stuffing them back in your mouth *before* someone could register their being spoken?

Yeah me too.

So realizing for the one-millionth time in my life, that you can't get words back once they are out, I paused for one horrific second, I'm sure the blood draining from my already pale face - and then everybody, yes Krishna included, starting laughing their butts off at me.

I nearly died as I leaned on Krishna briefly, laughing, apologizing and frevently hoping he'd not go to HR with news of my blundering blabbering.

Thankfully he didn't. And thus was born our own special Man Sandwich. And another story starring me as Goof #1.

The End


Heather said...

ROLF! I can just see your face after you said it! I'm very glad it was taken in the humorous sense it was said. As I've said before, you definitely have a way with words. ;-)

Shaddy said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I can't think of a more appropriate or suitable comment at the thought of the three of you, lined up, Caucasian, Indian, Caucasian. Light, dark, light. You told it like it was in a comical, yet accurate manner.

I can't wait to hear your next "confession."

Jennifer said...

Okay I have to admit, my brain went to a completely different place when I read your title....

However, VERY funny! Great start to the morning.