Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wistful Wednesday: Big news coming

This is my favorite day of the week to post. The day on which I get to reflect, reminisce and recall things important to me. Today though, for once, I don't have a great deal on my brain - perhaps it's taking a well-deserved vacation. I wrote quite a bit yesterday, for me, so perhaps that's why the nether in my noggin is as bare as Hubbard's cupboards.

Last night I began on my 100th post, which is coming up in 7 more posts after I press the submit button for this one. You'll want to stop by for post 100. If you like the strange and creepy - perhaps even scary kind of posts that is. I've held onto this story for years, thought about writing it down but never have until now.

Currently I'm studying some H.P. Lovecraft writing, in addition to his advice on it, to make my 100th post and this important tale (to me) as good as possible. I sincerely hope whomever reads it will enjoy it.

Seven more posts to go .. (clicks submit)

1 comment:

Shaddy said...

I'm truly looking forward to your 100th post and all those between now and then. Your 100th should be a worthwhile write for you and read for us if it's been on the back burner for years.

It's funny how suddenly the time seems right for revealing things we've hung on to for what seems like forever.

(Thanks for your belief in me. The fact that you think I'm capable of writing something that a library would make room for on one of its shelves is inspiring).