Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Dog Singer .. OR .. Possessed by Dr Seuss

This blog post is being written mainly in an attempt, and a wildly successful one I might add, to avoid cleaning the kitchen just a bit longer.

I do silly things. It’s kind of what makes me, me. Everybody that knows me knows that about me. If you didn’t know that well, now you do.

I blame Dr Seuss and my inability to socialize as a kid the fact that my mom has a very odd sense of humor too. Dr Seuss books were huge with me when I was growing up. I read them voraciously as I was learning to dance the spears through the syllables of the rhythm of the words. Honestly I had no chance at being normal; so if you found that last sentence a tad odd, this is not my fault people.

Being a huge Dr Seuss fan, naturally I think that led to me liking Jim Varney as a I grew up. I mean clearly you can see the connection there right? Let me just say too, that the fact we now live in a world where there is no Ernest P. Worrell character anymore just flat out suck eggs.

Which brings me to the whole point of my post this morning.

Spending time with my dog.

No really. I’ll make it all make sense, promise. Keep riding the ride, the rollercoaster is fun honest.

See I talk to our puppy all the time. And sometimes I make up little sing-song stuff. Like I said this isnt’t my fault. Clearly I’m a victim here of Dr Seuss weirdness.

So this morning I was out playing ball with the dog as is our morning ritual on the weekends. And the song that Ernest sang in Ernest Saves Christmas suddenly came to me. What was funny about the song, still making me laugh to this day, is that Ernest didn’t know all the words to the song Oh Tannenbaum. So he just sang the words "oh Christmas tree" over and over but to the tune of the song. And it fits! I remember laughing till I cried.

To wrap this up, I started singing that song while flinging the ball for the dog. Absurd right? I mean it’s hot, muggy, summertime in the mid-west and I’m throwing a ball for a German Shepherd Dog while singing Christmas songs.

And suddenly while singing “Oh Christmas Tree” and laughing my butt off, I realized that “Oh Puppy Dog” fits too. So the words changed. Plus it got funnier for me too.

Yeah sometimes its a hoot to ride the roller coaster see?

Ok you might think this post is going nowhere fast but let me use my odd powers of viewing reality to make this make some sense.

They say that God gives gifts to each of us to help others out and sometimes those gifts are to help ourselves out with life’s issues. More than once, my odd view of things has helped me through difficult situations.

Now I’m not sure it’s ever contributed to the betterment of anyone else’s life. I hope it has. However, I’m glad I have it even if it's only meant to help me get through the day. I’d lost my quirkiness there for awhile honestly, and I posted about how a friend of mine helped me find it again. The post is here if you'd like to read it. I’m glad for that person and glad to have my oddness back.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a kitchen to clean and an itty-bitty 95lb dog to sing to …

“Oh puppy dog, oh puppy dog, oh puppy dog, oh puppy dog ….”


Shaddy said...

I hope and pray that you never lose your sense of humor, odd or otherwise. I love the way your mind works or doesn't work, functions or malfunctions. It's all good.

I make my husband laugh a lot by the goofy, silly, insane, odd, questionably nonsensical things I say, do and so on and so forth.

We're blessed to have this type of outlet. I hate to think of living without a good dose of strangeness lying under the surface, always ready to rise up and freak someone out.

Jennifer said...

Oh Rob, I think I can see that visual in my head...

You are massively quirky, I like it, you make me feel a bit more normal.

Rob said...

Jenn, well I'm glad I can make ya feel a tad more normal. You've surely done the same for me. Its good to have a friend like you to share the quirkiness with :) Here's to years and years of it!