Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank ye, thank ye

Today I officially - for I have the graphic to the right proving it - have joined a larger community here on the innerwebz.

Clicky here to find out more about The St. Louis Blogger's Guild. They like me, they reeeeally like me!

Clearly, due to my eloquent turns of the written word, in acknowledgment of life-changing and inspirational writing, AND in recognition of contributions far beyond those of the average contributor ... I have been eagerly and with much ado, invited to join this prestigious society of bloggers here in the Mid-West.

Ok .... actually I found out about them via Dana's blog, having heard her on the radio. I listen to her every Mon, Wed and Fri on Allman in the Morning and you should too. If you're not local, then L2stream people. Follow her blog too. She is mucho intelligentioso.

Additionally, I begged and pleaded with the Blogger's Guild until they lowered the heavy gate of the guild's stronghold, behind which dwelt real bloggers (pretty much if you're not me I consider you a real blogger) - folks who know how to write. And after much groveling they.. heaved a deep sigh ... and let me in.

Well yes, I also paid membership dues. I'm not too proud to admit it :) However, my blog did have to get "looked at" before they'd approve me and pass muster it must've for here I am - shamelessly using their graphics without fear of lawsuits.

Plus I have my membership dues receipt from PayPal. :)

So thanks all - for letting me in the Guild. I'm looking forward to doing some more networking and being a part of these other fine bloggers which have made me laugh, cry and think deep thoughts.

I raise this virtual tankard of ale to you all.

Here's to the Guild!


Shaddy said...

Hey, Rob,

Congrats on your inclusion into The St. Louis Blogger's Guild. They are lucky to have you and your sense of humor in their midst.

Have a blast and here's hoping you'll continue hitting home runs with your writing.

Don't forget about me though, please.

Heather said...

Congratulations! :-) Your wit in written word has been recognized. I've said for a long time that you should write, now you have proof I'm not the only one who thinks so. Well done, hon.