Thursday, June 4, 2009

A fun (and cold) night ...

Last night we got to meet up with some friends of ours and hang out for some good times and family fun together. It's always good to see our friends Brian and Jenn even if its for some online gaming. We got to play some good game time and chat a bit. After our game-time was up, and we'd all said our farewells, the hour was later than we normally would have headed to bed - but hanging out with good friends is worth the occasional loss of some sleep.

My wife and I went through our bedtime rituals and slipped under the covers. I should note at this point, my wife takes endless trouble from me about her hands and feet being like total and complete ice-covered appendages. It's like she wears mittens made of pure frost to bed - also shodding her feet in tundra chilled skins of some sort.

She's very cold about the hands and feet.

So as we slipped under the covers, one of her hands *accidentally* made contact with my hind parts ... yeah sure it was an accident. Well I froze, near literally. I'm fairly sure my right butt-cheek has frostbite although I haven't checked it today. I lost feeling in my right hip. It was cold people.

So the laughing and snickering ensued.

She commented to me, "At least I didn't grab sometime else."
And I replied, "Yeah you would have cold-cocked me."

We spent the next few minutes laughing at our own goofiness. And thus was born a phrase which I'll probably never think of the same way again.

The End :)


Shaddy said...

Oh my.

Heather said...

"Oh my" is right and now I am even more embarrassed as my dear hubby has left Shaddy without words. ;-)

Shaddy said...

It was late when I wrote last night, late for me anyway. That's why I was short on words.

My hands and feet are just like yours, Heather. In fact last night, after reading this, I went to bed and had to warm my feet up with my hands, after they warmed up.

Your hubby has his own way with words, that's a certainty.

Jennifer said...

My, My.... Don't even think we won't tease you mercilessly now.

Ps, we had a great time with you guys. Apparently, you had an even better time later that night.

Rob said...

That we did Jenn! However we wouldn't have been in such a silly mood if it hadn't been for cutting up with you guys. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Shaddy said...

Hi Rob and Heather.

May I ask you a favor? Please check out The Little House story on my blog, that is, if you've recovered from your alarming encounter with Heather's cold feet and hands.

Rob said...

Sure, I'll give that a gander ... np

Shaddy said...

Thank you to Heather and Rob for commenting on my blog.

I'm excited for both of you in regard to your upcoming addition to the family. Way to go.