Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have suddenly reached the end of my ability to keep up with all the blogs I currently read. Since I've begun blogging, I've also found myself reading other's blogs more and more. I feel obligated to read, comment, and keep up with nearly all the blogs I follow.

And much like Legion - they are many. Though decidely less evil, I grant you that.

I can't just stop reading either. That's not even an option. I *lurve* to read! Reading blogs is like a daily glance at random novels which never, ever end. It's amazing - plus I'm cheap. But it's a lot to keep up with as well.

My best pal has a blog, other friends of mine have blogs, there are local blogs from radio talent I read, then there are general dad-blogs, work-from-home blogs, simplified living blogs (yes I see the irony in that one), and so many other types that I read.

Then there is Facebook and Twitter (I highly recommend TweetDeck) for keeping up with highlights on these btw.

Anyway, I've not been doing this blog/social networking thing long. I'm also not complaining about so much to keep up with either. But for those of you who have been blogging, reading, writing longer - do you have any tips for keeping up with it all?

Perhaps there is a blog about that. :)


Jennifer said...

You are going to have to school me in this tweet deck you speak of.

Rob said...

Tweetdeck and Photoshop ... it's on my list dear friend.

Krawl said...

Read faster. Work less.

Shaddy said...

I'm in the same predicament you as you. I keep running across more and more blogs that interest me and my list is getting longer by the day. I often feel overwhelmed because I have a need to check on each one when I see a new post has been added. Thank goodness, not everyone posts daily so I've been keeping up pretty well so far.

Do what you can and be happy with that. "Blogging is for fun so don't stress about anything related to it". That's my tip.