Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PSA: Hungry?

You have to love photos like this one.

Each day on the way into work I am greeted by this wonderful billboard.

For some time now, I've been meaning to stop and snap a pic of this sucker with my phone. However, I don't see this billboard facing me on the way home each evening and it kept slipping my mind. But I finally remembered.


If you're ever on Highway 70 in Missouri, out near exit 217 .. and you find yourself hankering for a mouthful of Hot Tasty Butt ... well apparently this is *the* place to go. Keep this public service announcement handy in case of sudden uncontrollable Hot Tasty Butt Hankerings.

By the way. Don't bothering googling for their website - pretty sure they don't have one - and the ones I found were not restaurants. Or at least don't search for Hot Tasty Butts. Nuff said.

You're welcome.


Shaddy said...

I think I'll change the subject. When are you gonna fly solo?

Rob said...

Shaddy - on that I'm not sure. They don't let you fly solo until you're a good ways into things. Still figuring out the budget possibilities here too.

Anonymous said...