Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grilled Cheese Pizza Style .. OR .. Too good to be this easy

Okay someone else out there has probably done this recipe before but I just threw this together in the kitchen and wanted to jot it down. It was a big hit, even with my picky eater, Thing One.

Grilled Cheese - Pizza Style
2 - slices mozzarella
2 - Tbsp pizza sauce
12 (or so) pepperoni slices (we like turkey pepperoni)
2 - slices of bread
pinch of garlic powder
pinch of pizza seasoning (optional)

My method:
First I preheated the pepperoni in the microwave to make sure they flattened out nicely. Just makes for an easier build in my mind. But I suppose this step is optional.

Heat up your cast iron griddle (for cast iron is the bestest thing on which to cook, imo). Melt about 1 Tbsp of butter on the griddle. Apply some butter to your bread and place on griddle. Put the sauce onto the bread and sprinkle on the garlic and pizza seasoning (if you opted for that).

So then the build goes thusly: bread/sauce/cheese/pepperoni/cheese/pepperoni/sauce/bread.

Continue grilling the sandwich just like you would a regular grilled cheese. This is good stuff and very quick snack for the win. :)

Thing One liked this so much he actually STOPPED PLAYING VIDEO GAMES to sit down and eat. That's the only review I needed to let me know this is a keeper!


Shaddy said...

Congratulations on getting Thing One's attention away from his video games and onto what he was eating.

I bet I'd put down my video game too if I smelled that sandwich cooking in my kitchen.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Rob said...

Thanks Shaddy, you too!

Jennifer said...

This sounds YUMMY! I want to cook on cast iron, but Brian keeps washing them.. with soap... its rather frustrating....

Rob said...

Jenn .. see cast iron is so great it can break his habit of that too. You just have to learn to swing it right ;) lol