Monday, August 24, 2009

Workbench Day Bed .. OR .. Where Does your baby sleep when you're a slacker?

Ok, ok I hear you clamouring at my virtual door for a tidbit of blogging morsels by which you may find sustenance for your hungry minds. Yeah I know, right? Inflated ego much, Rob?

While nobody truly bugs me (but me) about not blogging for awhile, if I do skip a whole freaking week a few days, I find my brain gets all itchy. The only good scratching that can be done is a bit of writing. So today you all get a two-fer. Baby updates and woodshop rambling. What else is new right?

Baby updates
In an effort to share what is likely far too much information about my wife's nether regions, I'd like to say the doc has reported she is dilated to a good solid 3cm. From what my man brain understands, this means that I am 3cm closer to not being able to sleep late on Sundays anymore. I also grasp that far sooner than I'd like to; I will have to consider the purchase of another car for a sweet sixteen birthday party and hopefully LONG after that I get to pay for a wedding. But its all that much closer.

There is a lot that fits in 3cm folks, believe me.

Thing Two is coming along nicely. Previously on Baywatch (no pun intended there) we said that Bella is in the "go" postion. That hasn't changed, which is good. Additionally there is a new development. Apparently, without the influence of hip-hop music in our home, she has begun an early career in breakdancing.

Ever seen the moves where the dancer just does a headstand and then flails their legs in all sorts of interesting directions? Yeah tis been like that very muchly. I can see these moves from across the room folks. Its horror movie entertaining.

I even had a dream the other night about it. The kind where the kid was pressing against Heather's skin all Alien-like, where you can see the kid's features, and things were stretching way out of proportion. (Sorry dear hadn't told you about that one yet, it just came back to me as I was writing). Fun dream though. Yikes. Ahem.

Moving on.

So we are two weeks out. If this were a Space Shuttle launch, and it may feel like it, this is the part where they are slowly moving the Shuttle down the huge track to position it "just so" before launching. Sounds familiar, no?

All kidding aside things are going swimminlgly. Even the heat this year has coorperated. This is so much different than the last pregnancy. We are constantly talking about it. And its funny that I mentioned those differences cause that's the very next thing I wanted to talk about.

Technology is different that n 13 years ago for sure. To go along with that point, let me hit you all with this idea.

I'm considering live-streaming this birth online.

I dropped that little bomb on Heather this weekend.

See I figure we have this webcam. We have long-distance friends. Why not let them attend the birth, as it were? Tremendous idea, no?

Heather was a little suprised but open to it.

I think my wife's main concern was whether I was planning on letting them attend the birth or the birth CANAL. Sheesh, she just doesn't give me due credit sometimes :) I was thinking something over the shoulder and lighthearted, not all National Geographic.

Anyway, I'm still toying with that idea. The tech to do this didn't even exist when Thing One was born. And this is our last hoorah for baby launching. I kinda want to geek it out a bit while still doing my duties as birth partner. But for sure I will be twittering and facebooking as it goes ... at least those ... with mobile uploads from the phone.

I am thankful for a wife that puts up with my geekiness. I'm also careful to truly not cross any lines. I mean at least I didn't want to live-stream the conception right? So see, I have good boundaries. Ahem.

So moving on from the birthing here is a blurb about the cradle.

Woodshop updates
I'm waaaay behind. I procrastinate. Big time.

Sometimes I even put off procrastinating until it becomes an emergency. Then I wait awhile even so, evaluating it to see how serious things really are. See what I mean? You all are probably always on time and under budget. I however struggle with it.

The cradle is coming along well though.

Primarily becuase I'm now motivated by the fear my daughter will have no place to sleep other than my workbench. But Bella its comfy and sturdy hon. Everything you'd want in a bed. I'm sure it'll be fine. No? Prissy little girls, sheesh. She's already making demands on uber-cuteness and she's not even out of the oven yet. Plus nobody is pinking up my workbench. It's mine and I don't share the shop area. But I kid (seriously no pink in the shop though - unless it's watered down blood from a self-inflicted chisel wound).

But back to the cradle.

I should birth the cradle sometime this week.

Birth the cradle is what I meant too. See us creative-type dads suffer labor in our own way. Oh sure everybody wows and ooo's about the pregnancy. But you try shoving 10 board feet of lumber down the birth canal of your brain and make it meet with everyone's approval, both now and in future years. Uh huh. I think I've made my point. And again I kid.

The day is nearly upon us. And so is the spit up.

So the final checklist goes (partially) like this:

one kid percolating, check
one mom, check
one dad, check
one brother, check
room ready, check
supplies bought, check
time off of work arranged, check
hospital toured, check
cradle ready, the check's in the mail (ha-yuck a yuck yuck)

See what I mean with the procrastnating. I should rename this blog right?

... The Chronicles of Slackia
... The Neverending Slacker
... The Lord of the Waits
... Sloth Wars Episode 6, Return of the Slow Guy

Or perhaps I should just finish my lunch hour, then my day, go home and be busy on the cradle?

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Jennifer said...

my favorite line... "I can see these moves from across the room folks. Its horror movie entertaining". Wow, I may never get that image out of my head

And please, for the love of your friends, do stream the birth, NON natgeo!