Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Castle is Back to Normal ... OR ... We Miss our Mamas!

Well Castle Horton has undergone a recent transformation.

We are once again alone. Tis just us four here now. Well and Storm (the canine), and Mercy and Blue (the felines).

My mom headed back to her own castle today. Thus marks the end of our official help since Bella has been born.

Up until now one of our moms has been staying with us to to help out. Heather has been able to catch up on her rest because of them doing this. And we both appreciate it so, so much and have repeatedly hugged them and told them so.

When each grandma had to go back to her own home, it was a tearful farewell for each one. They love us and we them, and they love in particular this shiny new grand-daughter of theirs.

You see, Isabella represents the last grand-child in the family and the ONLY grand-daughter. Bella is kind of a big deal.

So it was hard for the grandparents to leave her/us.

I will admit there is a dual-feeling here of "its nice to have our Castle back to just us" versus the feeling of "we miss having them around to talk to and hang out with".

They helped us with way more than the cooking/cleaning and Bella changing.

They were HERE. Their presence itself was a comfort. The moral support as we got our baby-parenting legs under us again was priceless.

So as I said it's just us again.

But it has been so much fun. Again thank you moms for helping us, for supporting us, for the gifts for Bella, for cooking, for cleaning, for diaper changing, for doing laundry, for doing dishes, for grocery store trips, for talking to us, and just for listening to us too.

Also, lest I forget ...

Thanks to everybody who has been there for us as we got going with this whole having a baby deal. I have friends that I know read this blog but don't usually leave comments ... so to you all as well, thanks so much for your kind words, your encouragements, the things you got for Bella, and well just for being friends.

We've had a lot of help. None of it we deserve to be sure and we feel so blessed to have you all in our lives.

Whew, there are so many to thank and we appreciate you all!

Well, now that everybody has given us a good push-start, well shoot, I guess the next 18-20 years are up to us.



Jennifer said...

Good luck on the next 18-20, specially those toddler years!

Rob said...

Thanks. Yeah living out where we do, we'll need that luck. Tis the curse of having nobody close-by on which to lean. But as the old saying goes "we did it before, we can do it again".

Shaddy said...

I too am thankful that you, Mommy and Bella had help from your parents. Heather definitely needed time to rest after all she went through.

You're ready, you're set and you're going on your way.

Bless all of you today, tomorrow and forever.

Shaddy said...

I posted a comment yesterday but I don't see it hear. Naughty computers!!

I'm glad Heather had lots of time to recover from her physical strain.

You two are very ready, lovingly set and prepared as possible to go.

Best to all.