Monday, September 28, 2009

A Fork in the Road ... OR ... Knotted up by knowledge

I have several decisions with which I've been wrestling with for some time. Though I'm not at liberty to disclose them here, for clearly I'd have to kill your blog were you to know, I am going to jot down a few things for reference.

With the coming of Thing Two, I've begun to re-prioritize pretty much everything it is that I do. When I consider that the clock was just reset on parenthood, it raises many questions in my mind about how to spend that time over the next 18-20 years.

Yes folks sometimes I actually think that far ahead - I realize it's hard to imagine my geekiness extending to such lengths through time. But verily it does.

It has been said to me before that I "think too much" and also that I "over-analyze" things.

I admit to being an over-thinker. Bam you got me. It isn't something that I like about myself if that helps you at all. Can we still be friends? Ah so good to hear.

Of late I've begun to switch my thinking to "how" to make the best decision with what I know at the time. In the past though, I would have waited for the accumulation of ALL knowledge before I did ANYTHING.

See the difference?

Heck, if I continue down this path I might be pert-near normal someday, no?

Um, readers? Normal? Me? I can be normal someday, right? Um, someday I say? Guys? Gals?



Moving on.

I think my biggest decision right now has to do with career. That's about all I can say about that.

There are other things on the plate from personal relationship issues to dog training, to hobbies, chores, to-do lists, home organization ..

Heck most of you have most of those I'm pretty sure.

So I ask you my dear blog-o-philes ...

I implore you my devoted lurk-o-readers ...

How do YOU make major decisions in your life? Lend me your advice won't you please?

And here is the only payment I can offer you in return, a shiny "thankee kindly" :)


Shaddy said...

I'm the last person in the world you should ask about decision making. The word, decision, makes me quake in my boots.

I have no method for decision making. I procrastinate as long as possible and then when I'm forced to make a decision, I stumble and stutter until something moves me in a specific direction. goes on.

Sorry for being useless.

Dawn said...

I'm a little like Shaddy in that I, too, procrastinate until I am forced into a decision rather than taking charge and making the decision on my own merit. I guess the only advice I have is the old standby--Pros and Cons List. If one choice really will benefit you and your family, or what you are trying to accomplish, then clearly (as mudly) that's probably the way you should proceed. Some decisions just can't be black or white...too much grey in the world these days. You obviously want to do what makes you happy, but that isn't always the only consideration. We can't see the future ripples our choices will have. We just have to look to our desired destination and decise the best path to getting us there. Good Luck! I think my rambling was even less help than Shad's comment if you want to know the truth.
And besides, I can't even PLAY the VIOLA!!!!!!!