Wednesday, November 4, 2009

100 Words or Less Wednesday: Dad-Sleep-o-matic

In this new edition of 100 Words or Less, I want to post about sleeping through the baby getting up at night. Heather takes care of all this stuff, particularly since she’s breastfeeding.

With Josh however, I always heard him cry. They say things change with each kid. But I’ve not woke up once hearing Isabella cry.

I feel bad about that cause even if there is nothing for me to do; I still WANT to wake up. Heather isn’t upset with me for it but it’s still a weird feeling to be sure. Perhaps I’m getting old :)

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Heather said...

I'm just glad I hear her. :) I know we were both a little concerned about that before she came. Don't feel bad about not hearin her. I think I wake up cause she needs to nurse and God has, thankfully, tuned me in to her little sounds, cause she never really gets very loud.

I am very grateful for a husband who is even willing let alone wants to get up at night. Your are something special, and I'm blessed to have you at my side.