Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nosey Notions ... OR ... Use your OWN finger to pick YOUR boogers

As I sit here listening to Shania Twain, I thought I’d pen you all a post.  It’s been rattling around in my head for some time now.  Tis long overdue.   So, if anybody is still listening here you go.

Let me attempt to explain that whacky title.

The thought for the day is simply this “You can’t use someone else’s finger to pick your own boogers”.

It’s true.

C’mon we’ve all picked our nose.  Some of us more so than others have even done it while driving.

Now I’m sure you were under the influence of the thought that somehow, while you’re driving, nobody can see through that clear glass to watch you engage in unrestrained pickage.  Um, but we can see you and observe you finger buried to the elbow while you bring new meaning to the phrase “going green”.

I’m just sayin.  But again I have digressed.  Apologies.  Back to the tip (no pun intended) for the day.

Having picked my own nose I have observed that my finger is uniquely adapted for the job.  The angle, the reach, all of that is just perfect.  No complaints.

I’m sure the same is true for you but you’re probably too refined to admit you’ve picked your nose much less face the certainty of how well YOUR finger is made to pick just YOUR nose.

What if you tried to use someone else’s finger to do it though?

Grossness aside, would it work as well?  Definitely not.  Size would be wrong.  Unfamiliar finger nail.  All that.

But wouldn’t the steps be the same?

Now in regards to someone else’s finger, think about this.  The finger’s owner would probably tell you how well it’s worked for them over the years.  They would highly recommend their finger to you.  How that time after time, they’ve experienced wild success and totally clear breathing after a pick-session.

And they’d be telling the truth.  I mean it’d be coming from not just the president of the company, but a customer right?

So why wouldn’t their finger work for you?

Well because you have a finger too.  It’s uniquely suited to your task at .. er .. hand.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that only YOU have the tools to fix whatever situation you face.  If it’s a business situation, if it’s relationships, if it’s debt .. whatever.

Chances are there are TONS of folks out there that have had the SAME issue and they can even tell you the exact steps they followed to fix it.  Too often though we run out there, get the advice and try to become that OTHER person, stepping outside of who we are in order to address the situation.  We forget the most important step.

Make it personal for yourself.

Don’t dodge being who you are.

Because even though the steps may be the same as someone else’s, for the most optimal chance of success, you need to put your own spin on those steps.

Your own finger, see?  Their finger can’t pick your nose.  Only yours can.

Now get out there and use it.

Happy picking!


Shaddy said...

I wasn't expecting to be reminded of something essentially important when I came here to read your words of wisdom regarding "boogers."

In spite of your post title and the predominant subject within your post, you made a very useful point.

Taking advice from others and trying to force it down my own uniquely designed throat will probably make me puke.

Then after being sick to my stomach, I'd have both puke and boogers to dispose of.

I owe you big time for your, as always, words to live by.

Rob said...

@Shaddy: Thanks for stopping by and taking a chance on my weird title :) This advice may not be worth the kleenex to store it in but I'm betting you have a hard time forgetting the imagery, haha