Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reclination Machinations ... OR ... Not Big Bucks and good for your Fanny

Awhile back we embarked on a journey to pick up a “new to her” recliner for Heather.  We got the chair, had some dinner, and headed home.

At home, I lowered the tailgate and began to get the sturdy chair out.  Heather stepped up to help.
My mom was nearby and asked, “Do you guys want me to go get the dolly to make it easier?”

Heather and I already had it though and we weren’t struggling.  So I looked at mom and replied, “Nah that’s ok.  Looks like we’ll just be using the dolly-mama”

/rimshot.  Try the veal!


Cat said...


Heather said...

lol =)

Dawn said...

This sounds like the Rob I hung around and traded quips with! I can SO hear you saying this!