Thursday, December 10, 2009

Three Photos Thursday

Josh just turned 14 on the 5th of this month.  Here is a pic of the kiddo at his b-day party, showing off his new iPod touch loot.  I love this kid a lot and I'm so proud of him!  :)  Happy birthday again my man!

When Isabella was born the doc mentioned that one of the reasons the labor took so long is that her cheeks were stuck.  This is a recent pic of Ms Izzy ... who've I've taken to calling Isabelly ... and I tend to agree with the doc.  Those cheeks are hard to miss.

This one is a recent photo of my mom and our puppy Storm, who just turned 2 years old yesterday.  As you can see, Storm is a big girl.  My mom is 5 foot 3 so that gives you an idea of how big our doggie is.  But Storm is a sweetie (once she gets to know you that is .. ahem .. until then though, well she's a good watchdog let's say).


Shaddy said...

Josh, Isabelly (I love that), Storm and your mother are very photogenic. Thanks for sharing these precious photos.

Post a picture of you and Heather and my joy will be complete.

Rob said...

@Shaddy: We're going to have a family photo done very soon, by the end of the month. I'll certainly post a copy here for ya!

Bacon said...

Storm is a good pup. She took me to me very well. Of course the hotdog nibblets helped. :)

Rob said...

@Bacon: Yeah she liked you and it's unusual for her to take to guys that well. I REALLY appreciated your patience with us/her while she met you.