Monday, December 14, 2009

WPF? ... OR .. How to neatly print your blog

Impress your friends!
Wow your neighbors!
Fun at parties!!!!

Ok, maybe not fun at parties.  And admittedly this may not impress your friends (unless they are geeky).  Ok honestly your neighbors probably don't even know about your blog - lord knows mine don't.


All that aside ... (pushes all that aside ... grunt!)

Let's pretend for a moment you might want to print one of your posts.

Hey could be an ice-breaker with your neighbors right?  Perhaps at some party, a game of "who can print their blog the fastest" might break out.  Never know!  But lord help you if you're at party like that .. you might need to get a life :)

So for whatever the reason, if you have the hankering to print (or save) neat little copies of your blog post .. here is how to get er done.

Try it out from right here at Horton Hollow to see if you like it .. before you screw up your blog template before you try it out and it works really really well for your non-geeky self..  The link is right below each of my blog posts.

Cause hey, I'm fun at parties.  :)


Shaddy said...

Thanks for the info, Rob.

You're sure fun at the parties you hold here!!

Rob said...

Sadly Shaddy, they are the only parties I host ... I simply must learn to be more sociable. :P

Heather said...

Ok - I'll bite ... feeling rather dumb, but what the freak is WPF??

Rob said...

@Heather: That's just something I made up for this post then never explained. WPF = Want Printer Friendly :)

In my geek world of programming, it means Windows Presentation Foundation. So I shamelessly thought that using such a popular acronym might bring in more blog hits ;)