Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have a Local Adventure!

We live near the St. Louis area and for those that may be geographically challenged, that's in Missouri :) Only teasing ya!

Being in St Louis, we have several landmarks around here that are well-known. The Arch, our city museum, the St Louis Zoo (one of the best in the WORLD), Meramec Caverns is not far away, we have several stadiums for sports teams in town, etc etc. I've seen some of these things and some I've not. All of them, I've driven by at some point and thought to myself "man, I really need to check that out".

But often we end up going somewhere else for our adventures. I'm guessing that's pretty typical of most folks. Too often we live near some pretty cool stuff guys .. but we leave that behind and go see something else, somewhere else. I wonder what makes us do that? Just a little oddity I've noticed in me and perhaps you've got the same bug.


How many mini adventures are in and around where you are living right now that have been on your “bucket list” but you just haven’t made time for yet?

What little things do you take for granted everyday that if suddenly gone would be dramatically missed?

I think as people the more familiar we become with things, the less we really stop to appreciate them. Same applies to the people closest to us. For me, I'm making a committment to work on bringing out the emotion of genuine gratitude as often as possible. I find it one of the best emotions we have. People really notice genuine gratitude because nowadays its very rare!

I encourage you to try it out in your personal life as well as showing it to others to make their day even better!

Quick Tip for a Happier Day:
When you wake up in the morning, before you even move from bed, asked yourself this question: What am I grateful for? Do this as soon as the alarm goes off every morning. Starting tomorrow, your alarm is now a reminder (not only to wake up!) but to cause you to reflect on what you are grateful for. Watch how much better your days become!

Quick Tip for a More Fulfilling Life:
Go out and do something NEW at least once a month. Be adventurous! As people we LOVE new experiences. The older we get, the more dependant on our own routines we become. Take at least one day a month and go do something you’ve never done before. Don’t wait for something to be at risk of going away for you to reach out and create an experience around it!

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Shaddy said...

Excellent post! It's so important to keep a grateful heart in the forefront.